Month: July 2015

Was Sydney J. Harris Right?

The debate over the true purpose of education is as ancient as education itself. This ideological tussle has yielded many contrasting views on the purpose of education such that there is still no definitive purpose of education in the 21st century. This essay therefore, is, but a contribution to the ongoing debate vis-à-vis the assertion

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Choice or “Destiny”

I don’t like what I study, a truth I find myself admitting to at least one person every single day, and if not that then it’s constantly on my mind. It always takes me a few seconds longer than it should to respond when a person decides to ask me the one question I dread

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Perception, Empathy, Gratitude

“…They would not understand why people like him who were raised well fed and watered but mired in dissatisfaction, conditioned from birth to look towards somewhere else, eternally convinced that real lives happened in that somewhere else, were now resolved to do dangerous things, illegal things, so as to leave, none of them starving, or

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