Orca’s Adventure

By Swarup Nandakumar. Swarup, 12, is a student at Sri Kumarans Children’s Home and is in 7th grade. He lives in Bangalore, India. Please read his article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

My parents said I first saw daylight (more like ocean light) in an ocean

near the Arctic. Excuse me as I’m not very familiar with the ocean names,

you, humans call it. That’s all I ever heard them say but since then it

has been quite an adventure.


I am an Orca but I wouldn’t say a killer whale as I never really liked

killing. But, of course, I loved the meat! So, I usually would stay at the

back of my herd. Letting them to do the killing and I would do most of

the eating. After years of success this finally backfired.


One day when I was watching my buddies attacking a cephalopod,

suddenly a group of whale hunters (who were sneaking behind me) caught

me and later sold me to a water park. It was a pretty nice one but it

was much smaller than the ocean. Every day, children would come and

wave at me through the glass and I would try to do stunts. When

I was about 12 years old I began to wonder where my parents had gone,

even though it was time for me to be mature. I dreamed of finding

them one day. It was then that my life changing adventure began.


A science lab, in that city called San Diego, was desperate to study an

orca, and when they heard of me, they came and bought me for a huge

price. I have no clue what they actually did to me but I know what

they said they did to me. Yeah, so… according to them they did head

surgery on me and did a bunch of experiments on

my brain, I don’t even know how that is possible, but on the bright side

that made me smarter and of course, how could I forget? They gave

me a personal free jacuzzi! Altered to my size obviously.


They smartened me to such an extent that I could learn things as fast

as regular humans. Using this ability, I learnt to communicate in English

with humans, the one thing I always wanted to do. And once I could

understand humans I started making some money. It was initially just a

passion of mine to prevent whales and other sea creatures from being

tortured, to learn stunts without even knowing what they were supposed

to do, in a water zoo near the lab. So, I used to listen to the humans

then explain the instructions to other creatures. I continued with this

for another year and a half.


During the middle of the second year a familiar scientist came running

up to me and said that a herd of killer whales have been found near the

coast and so, to prevent them any harm, I must go and warn them about

the dangers.


By the next day all the preparations were ready, the boats to carry

me…. We set out to the whales. Within a few hours I could see them,

they were feeding on some animal. Therefore, I asked my mates to put

me into the water a little further from them so that they wouldn’t get

disturbed by the rumbling sound of the ships. As soon as they let me

free, obviously with a tracker attached to me, I went straight for the

meat. Hey! Don’t blame me for that, it’s been a long time since I’ve

eaten fresh meat from the ocean. By afternoon I told the herd that

they were too near the shore and asked them to go back towards the

ocean to be safe. But the herd somewhat felt familiar, like I had been

in it a long time ago.


My suspicions of the relation between the herd and me were true when

I found my long-lost friend coming towards me. In pure excitement I

told them everything that had happened to me and that I could talk

with humans and everything…


It occurred to me that the scientists would be waiting for me to

return, but I wanted to stay with my herd. My friend then suggested

that I could go and ask the humans if I could stay. And I did just that!

They seemed fine with it but requested me to attach a speaker like

thing so that whenever the humans needed some help I could come to

their service. With that I left and hunted peacefully with my herd,

fulfilling my once long-ago dream. Of course, until I heard a loud

“PING!!!!” sound from the speaker.

30 comments on “Orca’s Adventure

  1. Jyoti Priya on

    Nice creative writing . Swarup you have written so excellently that it makes me raise my eyebrows . I admire you and really impressed. Guess we will be seeing more of your writing from now on . All the best !

  2. Jayanthi on

    Excellent effort, dear Swarup!
    The plot is very well planned and the details are apt. I enjoyed reading the story thoroughly. Keep writing!
    Best wishes!


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