Education as a paradise of opportunity

By Sizwe Sidaza. Sizwe, 23, is a student at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

The exposure to the arena of learning and enquiry expands our ambitions of careers and life to new horizons. This enlightening landmark derives from an understanding that the end is not the career itself, but a wealth of opportunities, a bonanza of possibilities and an abundance of rewards for hard work in the fashion of change-making. History attests to the fact that even the historical development of an academia is the outcome of contributions from different scholars that have been building on the foundations laid by others. These individuals and academic circles sought to advance, better and perfect civilizations, models and developmental tools which were engineered by others. For instance, the University of Timbuktu in Mali produced visionary intellectuals who made foundational contributions in science, mathematics and literature.

Education is an instrument to improve our view of life and the world so that we can see the world as a space in which we can accomplish our diverse and distinct developmental, transformative and innovative goals. It is through education that mankind can add new dimensions in the domain of science, technology, economics and a variety of other disciplines which constitute the intellectual and pragmatic ingredients we can employ in pursuit of growth and transformation. Throughout the ages societies have effectively relied on education and its transmission of knowledge to make a paradigm shift in redefining themselves and in seeking to change social order. The transition from traditionalism to the popularization of logic and reason during the historical epoch of enlightenment proves the transforming function of education.

What the world has no awareness of is what education ultimately turns into a hard reality. Interestingly, regions wherein doctrinal instruments remain paradigms that govern people’s preferences have embraced the wave of change in light of the civilizing effects of education. Few people could have optimistically envisaged that a huge country like the United States whose history of racialism is devastating would, in the early twenty first century, honor an African-American like Barack Obama by giving him an opportunity to lead its strong

institutions and multitudes of people as a president. Equally, in a patriarchal continent like Africa few people could have optimistically foreseen the rise of Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma the first African Union Commission chairwoman. Indeed, this is a phenomenal and pro-feminist change in which education has played a facilitative role.

Antithetically to what happens in the mirror, education takes your standards of expectations to a higher level, bringing in a new impetus to endeavor. The historic triumph of medical science when Dr. Benjamin Carson victoriously separated conjoined twins at the head is a clear indication that with education ambition and expertise reach even wider margins of achievement. This and any other human achievement results in an erosion of societal gloom and in an inculcation of a jubilant sentiment of triumph, making mankind see the world as a place wherein ingenuity can blossom into new phenomena.

Educational victories in agriculture and industry, and the overall occurrence of economic diversification are emblematic of the enlightening, broadening, vision-magnifying and innovation-energizing impact of the function of education. Superbly, humanity has transitioned from traditional societies to modernized and advanced societies of our times, with the world becoming a homogenized interactive entity.

Another priceless contribution education is making to the world is the reinforcement of broad international interactions, which make the idea of a cohesive community of nations and tranquil global village much more practical and feasible. This has given and continues to give way to the development of a global culture of friendship and human rights which is education-nurtured, and has also enabled enlightened change-makers to heroically give defence to the dream of shared cordiality and humanity. It is in view of the inspiration that directly derives from the space of learning and enquiry that even in terms of interstate interaction in the international system various role players enjoy mutuality of respect and symbiosis of dividends, something that was derailed in the past because of states’ bellicosities and pursuit of hegemonic outcomes. The nobility of the pragmatic strides taken by informed leaders and concerned individuals who have laid a solid foundation for coexistence and cooperation in the international system is symptomatic of the efficacy and instrumentality of exposure to education, which broadens the frontiers of our intellectual maturities.

The defence of the overall purpose of diplomacy, cooperation, global security and shared prosperity, which guarantees the longevity of humanity gives meaning to life. Education adds value to our pro-transformation efforts and imbues us with a sustained determination to

advance logic and science in order to bring about sensible solutions to environmental, health and developmental challenges and handicaps troubling society. The exposure to education guides our efforts in pursuing concealed opportunities, and enriches prospects for making an impact that guarantees the possibility of posterity finding bosom in the firm foundations we establish in different spheres of life.

Every generation has a mission to pursue and a legacy to erect and leave, and through education and the versatility of expertise the purpose of life is ennobled. This takes place because education enhances the functional efficacy of our intellects, giving humanity an inclination to visualize change and implement progressive ideas to make a full realization of the desired change a possibility. This affirms that in an educationally inspired social environment, there is a simultaneity of the capacity to imagine a well thought-out approach and the instillation of the drive to engineer, build and leave a legacy that will be of benefit to posterity. In this regard, the rise of multilingualism and the overall development of commitment to or vision of an assorted human identity is a magnetic benefit which derives from education.

The osmosis and embrace of education undercuts all sorts of indicators or glimmers of gloom and cultivates the climate for yearning for prosperity. This affirms a basic notion that education is a potent tool to bring about transformation which ultimately ushers in a golden age of progress in the lifetime of every generation that gives full dedication to research, learning and dissection of information. Thus directly and indirectly, people effectively gear their endeavors towards a provident direction, something that infuses different generations with a feeling of self-worth and triumph. Symbolic of this inspiration and benefit of retrospection is the current valuation of the history of the industrial revolution and the printing press as people learn how individual scholars have determined the course of history.

Education gives dynamism to science and vitality to our passion for innovation, bringing about the invention of tools of scientific advancement, social development and economic growth. This trend enables even states of scant natural resources to develop ideas from an enriched citizens’ brainpower. In this respect, the State of Israel is a case in point because it is rousing that merely after less than a century of existence the country flourishes amongst the First World countries of North America, Western Europe and South East Asia as it leads in Asia in science, software, telecommunications and agriculture. This historic triumph is as a

result of quality education which empowers the people of Israel to make their dreams of innovation and productiveness effective in practice.

The enabling and broadening function of education can also be seen with regards to advances in astronomy, which are evidential of the monumental achievement realized through education. Even before the contemporarily widened and compartmentalized education, scholars and innovators such as Leonardo da Vinci made exceptional advances in astronomy, mathematics, painting, geology and botany, amongst others. This added a new trend in all these academic domains, and, consequently, contributions in parachute and helicopter inventions and fruitions are undeniably watershed scientific merits enjoyed by mankind in the modern society.

Education enables us to engineer new trends in every arena of society and to cement the achievements made by the innovators and scholars featuring in history by further developing them and making them much more sophisticated. After centuries of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin proved that education is factually a modus operandi to take our levels of achievements to new frontiers as they, for the first time, magnificently landed on the moon, and thereby demonstrating a new dimension in the development of astronomy.

In summary, the sublime educational dividends explored in the article give relevance to the claim that the whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. Education as a theatre of contestations, endeavors and understandings gives a dazzling sense of achievement to mankind as they make novel headways and triumphs in a myriad of spheres of life, including social domains, politics, science, technology and economy. This builds an understanding of life as space and opportunity for exploring the universe, giving new inspiration and ushering in developmental progress. Coming from this intellectual realm of learning is a perennial influence that ameliorates the lives and enhances the capacity to positively visualize a paradisiac world of opportunity and change-making. Harris’s dictum affirms that education is an instrumental recipe for a broad revolution of society and for the prosperity of mankind.

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