Buy me a pen!

By Gibson Gisore. Gibson is from Nairobi, Kenya

My name is Ade Wak, I come from a remote place in the famous Kenya plains. I am in standard eight. I am a girl.

The name confuses many. I am currently gazing at the sun set with tears rolling down my cheeks and hand across my bosom. Tomorrow I shall write my KCPE exams and I don’t have the required materials. That’s the geometry set, a pen and pencil.

My uncle whom I stay with, is actually very supportive. The only venom in his veins is the wife. My Aunty. From school today, I went to the Shamba, where I found a load of nappier grass cut for me to carry and deliver home for my uncle’s cows.

Well, the first time I carried my whole body burnt. I was stung by the little tiny hairs found on the stems. She send me for more. Again and again till my whole back was red from the stings! I wonder why she hate me much.

My parents are separated. My dad loves drinking, while my mother got married by a mzungu, so I hear. I am their only child. When they separated they fought and my dad lost an eye. My mum broke a tooth and she got a curved mark just on top of the left eye. I was left alone in the mud thatched Hut and my uncle took me. And this ended my vision of a family that loved me.

Well, the sun is now swallowed by darkness, I know soon I am going to milk the cattle, then after chop their food. Next I shall be required by the venom to fetch one huge drum of water, in the kisima.

The kisima is very deep. Once when I was fetching water from it I got so tired that I stepped on a weak spot. I plunged into the unknown depths of the well. Luckily I was to live. The rope which had a bucket tied at the bottom, coiled along my leg and I was found swaying, in pain by my dad who had come to see me. He found me crying and for the first time he wept openly while calling for help. I was sad.

A week later I was there fetching water into the big drum. The cycle is repetitive so they say. My vision was no more.

I can hear the venom calling. She wants me to go boil water for ugali. I love ugali, with meat and vegetables. I know I will not get enough of ugali today. So when I cook, I’ll steal some and hide it away in the mabati. Sometimes the ugali gets cold, but I comfort myself with the yummy after taste and the warm feeling in my belly. After the food I shall sleep in the kitchen while my uncle and wife will go to their stone house lock their doors safely and get tucked in their warm and fluffy beds and pillows filled with soft feathers.

At night I am always happy.

I am left to my thoughts. I always happy because I dream of Ade making it in life.

I dream of passing my exams and going to a prestigious high school preferable the Kenya school, or Precious blood or the big international schools.

At school my teachers at Bridge International school are very supportive. I don’t pay school fees, I hear they call my scholarship foundation United we reach. I am so much thankful.

They give me food, my Aunty doesn’t give me some. The last time I found food finished at home the academy manager bought me a Fanta and a loaf of bread for me. Yum!

They helped me fill for a secondary school selection at Kenya high. I wish I get a pen to write my exams.

I wish I be given the geometry set by my dad. I told him and he was quiet.

I dream of being the head girl and having my own cubicle.

I dream of all the sanitary pads I can get and donate to girls like me.

I dream of passing my high school exams and being accepted to college.

I want to be a teacher.I want to help students like me.I want to be like teacher Lucy who listens to me and she is kind.

I want to have a family, take care of my kids, go to church with them on Sundays and have a small good house and a small car. I won’t be as mean as venom.

I want to study hard and make venom pay for her rudeness to me!!

I want to build hospitals and have a special program for girls like me.

I will buy them new dresses and burn their old clothes down. I have one dress for church and one which I wear after school.

I was given a full school uniform in school. I have two pairs know. I am happy.

I want to be the first female president of Kenya.

I sooooooo wish I get a pen and write my KCPE exams tomorrow.

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