Puppetry of the Encephalon

by Madison Arimatea. Madison, 15, is a secondary school student from Narre Warren South, Australia. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

We live our life blindfolded. We cannot predict the future and we cannot change the past.

I always ask myself how my character would be reflected. How I would want to be depicted. Or do others want me to act in a specific way for their own benefit?

Surviving in this world is brutal. The more astute you are, the better you can focus and understand the real world, not what others think of you.

You see, the human race is quite a peculiar species. We manipulate or we get manipulated. We either proliferate or flat line from our own stupidity. There are too many monsters in this world and not enough angels.

We all want to fit in, yet people keep hurting each other emotionally and physically. Focus on yourself and your future ambitions. If you put the amount of energy worrying about what others thought of you into individual pursuits, you can achieve great things.

Would you prefer to be the puppet-master of your own mind or to be a puppet on strings shadowing other people’s actions blindly?

The gratification of feeling a part of a coterie can make you lose interest in your own life and opinions. Sometimes, it is better to have solitude than to be in company where you do not belong and pretend to be someone else. In solitude, you can clear your mind and set up your own dreams and ambitions. You can identify as your own person and experience life with your own set of rules instead of following others.

Our admiration for a certain group can have quite a detrimental effect for us. We might get caught up in the wrong crowd, which could affect our life forever. This could affect future employment, motives and how we respect ourselves.

You should never put on a show for people. That is for their benefit. They know your mind is easily gas lighted and they take advantage of this pernicious flaw of vulnerability. Do not change your attitude for anyone.

We never do anything to weaken the torment until we realise it too late. We believe we cannot do any better and sometimes this can affect our mind and future relationships.

You do not have to live and abide by their rules. You do not need to tiptoe around the respect people give you. If you do, they will use you for their own purposes, because some individuals will try to change you for the worse so they can feel better about themselves.

Every day, people hurt each other emotionally and physically. It’s no wonder that we are hesitant about what other people tell us. Who knows if they are being completely honest?

They may sound genuine but let’s face it, everyone wants to feel better about themselves and sometimes people will lie, trying to paint you in a bad light.

If your body can move forward, then your mind should do so too. Live in the moment. Why waste seconds dwelling on the past when you are missing out on opportunities right in front of you? Once you are old, you will realise how much time you wasted being negative and trying to be someone who you weren’t comfortable being. Sure, everyone in this world wants to fit in, but that’s the thing: if we keep trying to impress others, then we lose focus on what’s really important and life will slip by.

We were not born to impress others; we were born to make a living for ourselves. To learn and understand, we were born to live out our lives and take chances, to have fun and to make every day memorable. What is the use of being someone you are not?

Do not give them the satisfaction of feeding them your insecurities and doubts, because they will use this to their advantage. If you keep listening to what others have to say, how can you think for yourself? And soon you will start to crumble and believe what they say, which could have a harmful effect on your life. The only person you should listen to is yourself.

You may however, get your desires and hopes mixed up with your reality. You may sometimes remember the better times in your past than what is occurring in the present. Maybe you were happier with your circle of friends previously. But sometimes we need to stop looking through rose-tinted glasses and overcome the challenges in front of us. Let us focus on the present and learn to love our uniqueness.

People will always hear what they want to hear. People will always see and what they want to see. And people believe what they want to believe.

Life changes. Maybe just a little, maybe a lot. For not only you, but for everyone. Some will mature into budding flowers, regretting their mistakes and understanding the turmoil they may have put themselves or others through, and others will wilt in their own ignorance. Some people want to see you forsake your plans and ideas, and watch your opportunities fade.

We have years to learn, to find many different identities that may hinder or help us, which is your decision to make. We do not need to always agree with what others believe, because once we show our eagerness to be a part of the camaraderie that is when they take you for granted and use you for their personal benefits. This can result in a different path for your life, a path that you may not like.

We want our egos stroked to feel important, but what happens when everyone’s gone? Who do we have? Who do we depend on now for support?

Homo sapiens are the most enthralling species. But that is all we are. A creature. A sinner, a dangerous, conniving, egocentric creature that only looks out for themselves.

As you mature, your mind starts reflecting back on the lessons you learned over the years, and you start to think, why did I let their words get in the way of my life? Why did I let the words consume my day? Why did I do those stupid things just to be accepted? And you will start to realise, none of their opinions really mattered.

The lesson is, be yourself, because you only can see through the world from your eyes, no one else’s.

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