Our History

It all started on 16 March 2008 with an e-mail and a Facebook group. The idea was to collect some books in English to support education in Salamieh. Within five weeks, we had some 200 people supporting our initiative in a dozen different countries with some 700 books pledged! Someone also pledged a generous financial donation.

Catching our breath, we stepped back and reflected further on what we were trying to achieve. We haven't looked back since. The Foundation has gone from being a vision with potential to successful field and online initiatives, ranging from the delivery of English conversation classes to editing an online writing competition focused on education.

On 16 March 2018, we celebrated the tenth (!) birthday of this fantastic journey. NUHA is like our collective baby: sometimes it keeps us awake all night, but most of the time it is an exciting adventure. It is growing increasingly fast and keeps us fully on our toes. In the process, we are learning a tremendous amount and engaging with an ever-larger audience. Get involved if you want some of the fun too!