Other Fun

In addition to the Blogging Prizes, NUHA’s track record includes:

  • 2008-2010: making several hundreds of books available in Salamieh, Syria;
  • 2010: successfully designing and running four English Conversation courses for university students, civil society professionals and English language teachers, thus benefitting over forty individuals in Salamieh, Syria. This was done in conjunction with the UNDP-sponsored Telecentre and with the British Council; and
  • 2011: successfully designing and running a 6-month project between ten high school students in Salamieh, Syria and ten high school students in Edmonton, Canada. This was done in conjunction with the Canadian non-profit Learning Beyond Borders, with the financial support of the PYAR Foundation.

Last but not least, NUHA has no fixed costs and no overheads or administrative costs; and all of its projects have been run within budget.