Future Foundations

Future Foundations, Scotland registered charity, www.facebook.com/futurefoundationskenya, Malindi District, Kenya, 2013, futurefoundations@outlook.com

“Future Foundations is a registered charity that focuses on helping young people in the Malindi District of Kenya to get an education and job qualifications to aid them, their families and friends and their community more generally.

Future Foundations was founded by Joseph Chivatsi Lewa and his wife in 2013, when Joseph run the half marathon in Skye in the UK and was sponsored £350. He used this money to sponsor two young people: one to go high school and the other to go to college to do food production technology for two years. The charity is now supporting seven young people through their education: five are high school and two are in college.

Future Foundations’ main objectives are to facilitate access to higher and further education for young people aged 12 to 25 years from disadvantaged families who unable to pay for education, in order to help provide them with a future.”