The Team


Take a dozen young adults
Spread them across four countries and choose four different nationalities
Sprinkle generously with enthusiasm and responsibility
Mix with a unanimous cause

Hey presto: it's the NUHA team!

We are all volunteers, and many of us have not yet met: the NUHA Foundation is an entirely virtual organization, with no offices or administrative overheads. We are fortunate to count within the team competences and experiences from a wide array of fields ranging from education to graphic design, including finance, architecture and law. This, combined with our cultural and ethnic diversity, informs our thinking and contributes to the fun of this adventure.

We are driven to run the NUHA project professionally and to learn as much as we can from this experience. Thanks to your support, we have an opportunity to translate our ideals and words into action, and gain first-hand experience in development work.

The Foundation is led by Hafez Virjee, Chair, Raya Tueny, Identity Coordinator, who designed our logo and translates the NUHA identity into meaningful environments, and Ambroise Desplechin, who acts as our guardian angel. Natalie Limbasan is our Community Development Director, Henry Pannell is our Finance Director and Hamza Virjee manages operations across the organisation. Lauren Bowes (Managing Editor), Hannah Bloxham (Blogging Prize Editor - English), Rachel Avery, Jack Ingram, Georgia Kirby, Meg Le Huquet and Sunita Patel make up our Editorial Team. Together, we tweet, blog and post to meet you wherever you may be.

We also have a number of helping hands, to whom we are grateful.