Canada-Mathare Education Trust (CMETrust)

Canada-Mathare Education Trust (CMETrust), trust and scholarship provider,, Nairobi, Kenya, 2006,

“Canada-Mathare Education Trust (CMETrust), is an organization that provides secondary and post-secondary education scholarships to students from the Mathare Valley Slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

At CMETrust, we believe that education is the mechanism for transformational change in Mathare, where children face challenges of deep gender inequality, limited economic prospects, and a deficit of social services. Yet due to a lack of funds, thousands of children in this underserved community are facing a dearth of secondary education opportunities so acute that they have no realistic prospect of getting the quality education crucial to their success.

Since 2006, CMETrust has provided 120 secondary school scholarships in partnership with our Kenyan co-founders in Mathare. Our scholarship program is unique in that it not only supports the students for all four years of their secondary education at Kenyan boarding schools, but also offers school-break activities and workshops in Mathare at the end of each term, focused on life-skills and personal development. Additionally, our alumni network actively utilizes their skills and knowledge to empower the Mathare slum community and inspire the next generation of youth. We also provide our graduates with a three-month computer skills training course to prepare them for employment and/or post-secondary studies.”