Akili Girls’ Preparatory School

Akili Girls’ Preparatory School, girls’ community boarding school, http://akilischool.weebly.com/, Obunga and Obambo, Kenya, 2012, omondidavid@gmail.com (David Omondi, Founder & Director)

“Akili Girls’ Preparatory School was established in January 2012 in the Obunga slum in Kisumu county, Kenya, in order to enable girls to reach their full potential by providing sustainable, affordable and accessible quality education based on Christian principles to disadvantaged girls in the area. Our mission is to empower girls and women through education for them to reach their full potential so that they are healthier, able to make their own decisions and enable their families and communities to flourish. The school currently supports about 92 underprivileged girls, at preschool and primary school level, with 44 of these girls in boarding school where they get all the resources they need to grow and thrive.”