Deafway, UK registered charity (1089918, 1963),, based in Lancashire, UK with projects in Nepal and Uganda, 1894,

“Imagine you are born into a family, into a world, where you cannot communicate. You cannot tell anyone your hopes and dreams or even your nightmares. No one can comfort you or tell you how things might be different. You will spend your whole life unable to make friends, go to school or earn a living. Without sign language and an education this is what life is like for deaf children born into hearing families in the developing world. At the core of everything we do at Deafway is the belief that every deaf child and adult, wherever they live in the world, should have access to sign language.

We are a well-established UK registered charity founded and still working in Lancashire (in the north of the England) fighting for a fairer world for deaf children and adults. Our UK services include residential care services for deaf people with a range of needs, sign language theatre projects and shows, deaf heritage and cultural activities and training in British Sign Language for hearing individuals and organisations. Our overseas activities and projects currently focus on Nepal with work including Deaf schools, sign language and older deaf persons’ projects, as well as a support for a small deaf school in Uganda.”