Shauri Moyo Mixed Secondary School

Shauri Moyo Mixed Secondary School, secondary school, Nairobi, Kenya, 2012,

“Access to education is widely recognised as a basic need and a means through which poor and disadvantaged people can get themselves out of the poverty trap, and to make real and meaningful improvements in their lives. It is this need that resulted in the establishment of Shauri Moyo Secondary School in 2012.

Shauri Moyo Secondary School is based in the Eastlands, Nairobi. Our objective is empower the community through education by providing access to free education. We have a rich cultural tradition blended in the academic and co-curricular activities and develop our students academically, spiritually and physically. The school curriculmum promotes self-expression, discipline and faith-based living. We encourage our students to be communicators, principled, open-minded, innovative and caring.”