Trust Future Uganda

Trust Future Uganda, non-profit-Christian humanitarian organisation (2011),, Nansana Wakiso, Uganda, 2004 (Trust Future Primary School), and

“Trust Future Uganda is a non-profit-Christian humanitarian organization based in Nansana Wakiso, Uganda, serving the orphan children, youths and disadvantaged women in Uganda.

It is therefore involved in numerous community projects, including those focused on education. In 2004, we established Trust Future Primary school, an academic and developmental institution meant to address the needs of young children to have a bright future. This is done in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Sports, our community, churches, and other non-governmental organizations to cause significant impact in helping our pupils. The vision is to provide high quality education in Wakiso district at a very low cost or even free of charge to enable children from disadvantaged backgrounds to access education. This is to end illiteracy in the community and fully facilitate formal education, economic empowerment and to generate hope and confidence by reducing the unemployment rate. Adult classes are also offered in the evening.”