Angelic Army School

Angelic Army School, pre-school, Homabay County Kenya, 2014,

“Angelic Army School is a non-profit, community pre-school founded in June 2014 in Rangwe, Homabay county in Kenya. It all started in a small community church, where 32 children were enrolled as a result of community project. By 2015, the number of children in our school had doubled to 78, which was more than the church could accommodate. A community member provided us with a piece of land at an affordable rate for the construction of classrooms. The school has a hall made of second hand iron sheets that accommodates four classes: the baby class, nursery, pre-school unit and class one. Our school has four ECDE-trained teachers, two matrons and two cooks. We believe that we will continue to grow and will play a more significant role in the community in future years. Our aims are twofold: to do away with the lack of education that is common in our community; and to provide a healthy environment for the children by offering them a balanced diet and providing them with proper medication.”