Catholic Education Research and Development Organization (CEREDO), church-based organisation, Teso, Uganda, 1981, ceredoteso@gmail.com

“The Catholic Education Research and Development Organization (CEREDO) has been the education office of Soroti Catholic Diocese since its establishment in 1981. It is a non-profit, church-based organization that is instrumental in the development of education in the Teso sub-region in Uganda. CEREDO’s vision is for communities in Teso to become self-reliant, able to care for, protect and transform their environment for prosperity and effectively compete for employment, leadership and business opportunities while upholding morals and values. Our mission is to promote the quality of education in the region by connecting communities to education services while upholding church values and improving livelihoods. To date, CEREDO has been responsible for the establishment of 425 educational institutions, serving over two hundred thousand students.”