Announcing the 2015 Blogging Prizes Winners!

We enjoyed reading the articles. Thank you for the experience!

In the Adult category, we are pleased to announce that the winning entry is Ashleigh Coleman’s "Hollow Victory: My competitive education revisited". The article is very original in terms of its narrative, its structure and its ability to express clearly a process of change, reflecting great self-awareness. What is particularly remarkable is that the article shows how an entrenched opinion changed from one stage of life to another. The self-reflection and ability to articulate this in a short story is skilful. The article is unique in that it shows us competition in two different lights in the same person. The article allows you to connect on a personal level with the author and drives you through her history as a witness of a transformative journey. 

In the Youth category, we are pleased to announce that the winning entry is Nur Afiqah Azizan’s "Why or why not?”. The use of three innovative characters at the beginning to make a point catches your attention from the start. Asking us to applaud the resilience of children who come back with fresh ideas even if their previous ones are shot down is also a strong part of the article and ties in well to the concept that education nurtures this open-mindedness and the boldness that comes with it. The article demonstrates additional originality and research through the description of the childhood of some of the contributors that have maintained that mindset throughout their lives in order to create innovations that have impacted the world. Ending with the words ‘Choose wisely’ is a concise summary as well as a command that changes the tense cleverly and challenges the readers.

Jazzmin, Doriane, Hugo

14 December 2015