In the Future, Children will still use pencils

By Lekan Ajewole. Lekan studies at the Seventhday Adventist College, in Olarewaju, Modakeke, Osun State, Nigeria.

Without mincing words I can vividly say that children will still use pencils in the future. This is as a result of it continuous usefulness and it properties. People might said, we are in the age of globalization in which all the world is a stage as put by William Shakespeare, but that does not mean that pencil will become obsolete in the future, because since ages, pencils have made a mark in our thoughts and dreams. It will also continue to make a landmark for children in the future.

It is not surprising that several masterpieces of art have been created using these sleek materials. Children all over the world learn the simple facts using the humble pencil.

Historically it was gathered that early pencils were actually brushes that used to resemble today’s pencil. This shows that in the past various development have taken place in ensuring the utilization of this so-called pencil.

The reasons why children will still use pencils in the future are listed below:

  1. Easy correction when it comes to cleaning of mistakes
  2. Because it is cheaper in nature
  3. Portable in nature
  4. Because of it availability everywhere
  5. Diverse usage

Easy correction in terms of mistakes: without mingle words, children will still use pencils in the future because there are some silly mistakes which occur during writing which needs correction. Instead of cancelling the mistakes the eraser attach to the bottom of the pencil can easily do the necessary correction without involving any stress.

Aside the above, children mostly make mistakes when it comes to learning and writing because children are regarded as beginner and learner. Even it is applicable to adult too, nobody is perfect and nobody is an highland of knowledge when it comes to mistakes during writing. As a result pencil is always ready to ensure necessary cleaning and correction without noticeable traces.

Cheaper in nature: another vital reason why children will still use pencils in the future is because it is cheaper and affordable in nature. The market price for a single pencil is at lowest rate which almost everyone can afford to buy, especially children. In Nigeria for example, a single pencil cost five naira or ten naira, it depends on place of purchase. Note that five naira is our lowest currency denomination in Nigeria. This is an assurance that almost all the children of different societal strata and levels will buy the idea of using pencil in the future.

Portable in nature: the fact behind pencil is that it is portable, small and thinner in nature, it can be handle freely and conveniently without any difficulties. For example; as a children we can take pencil to different places and it can be kept for a long time.From the above illustration about pencil, I can vividly and convincingly say that there is hundred percent for usability of pencils in the future.

Availability everywhere: most people would belief me that pencil is almost everywhere. What am trying to say is that pencil can be found in almost all bookshop outlets and even in our different rooms, because of writing purpose. The fact here is that anywhere there is children you will surely found pencil. Infact there is high tendency of children to use pencil in the nearest future.

Lastly diverse usage: this shows that pencil can be use for different purpose, such as drawing, jotting, writing and for artistic purpose. I belief more purpose will still arise in the future if greater attention is directed to pencil.

In conclusion, children will still use pencils in the nearest future, if we continue to value what we have, regardless of any other writing materials which may come forth in the nearest future.

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