Hackschooling, Why Not?

By Amal Qazi. Amal is 10 years old. She goes to Creighton's Corner Elementary School. She lives in Ashburn, USA

Logan LaPlante is completely correct. Adults focus too much on what they want for their children, not what the children want for themselves. I mean, if you’re looking for an answer like neurosurgeon or businessman, go ask a genius baby or something. I feel that parents set their children’s goals for them, rather than asking what they want. I get that all the parents out there are trying to be good, well, parents. I get it, I really do. But if being good parents means trying to let them figure themselves out first, then I say go for it!

Being happy and healthy is a big, and I mean BIG, priority in my household. But as Logan said, it’s really not a priority in most schools. In my school it is mainly being healthy, but even then they give a Virginia fitness/wellness certificate out to everyone so, who knows, maybe they don’t even care about that! “School is a place to learn and have fun doing it!” they say. Again, what about being HAPPY and HEALTHY?!

Hackschooling is a good way of learning. It lets you learn the same things you would learn in traditional school, but lets you think in a different way. In other words, a creative way. Personally, I am pretty sure if I shared my mind process with the world, I would be labeled as, ‘The Creative Kid’. That is why I agree with Logan. In school, the main four things are; LA,M,S,and SS. Language arts,math, science, and social studies. That is supposed to be how we file our knowledge in our brains. The question that I ask myself every day is; Where is the space for creativity?

Nature is a must for most kids. But for most kids like me, it is a must that is rarely fulfilled. I spend most of my time telling myself to go outside, that is one half of me. The other lazy side always tells me it is too cold, too hot, or that I’ll just go tomorrow. Unfortunately, that tomorrow never comes. Don’t get me wrong, I love nature…..but, again, like most kids, I’ll be honest, I love television too. Nature should be a part of my, and everyone else’s, lifestyle. And hopefully, soon it will be.

Now, going to go back to the beginning. I feel that most kids would answer with; “I just want to be happy and healthy.” Not just because they feel like that is what those adults out there want to hear, because it is true. I haven’t ever put that much thought into it, but I guess that would be my answer too. Happy and healthy. Happy and healthy. Two simple everyday words. The eight things are, like time in nature, sort of split up. Me? I’ve checked off five of them from my list. How they’re slit up you ask? Some kids focus mainly on exercise, or religious and spiritual involvement, or any of the other eight. I feel that there shouldn’t be any borders, any cuts between the eight.

Basically, I definitely, completely, positively agree with Logan LaPlante.

37 comments on “Hackschooling, Why Not?

  1. Faryal Sarwar on

    This ten year old has completely blown me away with her beautiful writing and deep thoughts. At this rate this child will be churning out literary masterpieces by the time she is twenty. One word: brilliant!!

  2. Akmal sheikh on

    I wish i could write half as good as this when i was 10.
    The level of maturity is mind boggling. Brilliant simple odea with such a deep meaning. I guess the writer labeled herself withjustice “the creative kid” indeed!

  3. Mustafah Malik on

    I am genuinely surprised by this young girl’s talent and perspective. She should definitely continue writing. I look forward to reading more of her work.

  4. Neeshay on

    Amal I absolutely love what you’ve written. I wish other ten year olds were as insightful as you. You seem like a good candidate for public speaking. Good luck!!

  5. NA on

    Well said,honest and creative writing.She is a great writer who portrayed her feelings emphatically on this canvas.Has a potential to become a great essayist or journalist.Good luck!

  6. Hadia Shafi on

    ” Adults focus too much on what they want for their children, not what the children want for themselves.” Story of everyone’s life! Kudos to this kid for stepping up and speaking out! She definitely has my vote.

  7. Minahil on

    I wish I was this smart when I was a ten year old. Would’ve helped a lot! Do we have a new Amal Alamuddin in the making? 😉

  8. Sadiq Saleem on

    At an age when I was busy watching cartoons this little girl is coming up with logical reasoning. Impressive. Good job!

  9. Ayesha Arshad on

    “Again, what about being HAPPY and HEALTHY?!” This kid has a point. In our quest to achieve one goal after the other we often compromise our health and our happiness. It is high time that we put our happiness and health before everything else. In Urdu we say:
    “Jaan hai toh jahaan hai”

  10. AJ on

    The writer asks questions that I have often pondered about. Where is the space for creativity in school? Where is the encouragement? Are schools producing robots designed to follow a fixed path to success. Any one who doesn’t is ostracized or pitied. I like this kid. I like that she has a vision and she has logic. Keep it up!

  11. Roshaan on

    Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness is a well known phrase from the Declaration of Independence. For most of us the pursuit of Happiness means being rich and respected but for this kid it means being able to enjoy doing what brings him happiness. I think Logan LaPlante hacked his way to the end goal.

  12. Fatima on

    This kid wants to be happy and health. May God give her health and I hope we can give her a little bit of happiness by making her win. Very commendable effort!

  13. Salma Abbas on

    People write books and make movies on this theme: health and happiness. This young writer knows what counts. Beautiful writing for someone so young.

  14. Shaalan on

    This young girl must be a force to reckon with. Her parents should be proud of her for speaking her mind so eloquently and honestly.

  15. Gauhar Saleem on

    Awesome Writing ! By a 10 yrs old Matko Amal. She is not just a very loving and cute kid but has a really creative, imaginative & inventive mind. And it’s reflected in her writings. Best Wishes for my cute and talented Amal.

  16. Shanzae on

    This ten year old writer has conveyed her perspective in a really beautiful and mature way. If she can write like this at the age of ten, then I can’t wait to see how she’ll progress five years from now!

  17. Mahrukh on

    The point of view from this 10 year old writer is refreshing, honest and witty. Her originality and mature writing style draws you into the article and she has expressed her sentiments with more clarity of thought than most adults could. I look forward to reading more articles by her!

  18. Maera on

    For a ten year old child to grasp that health and happiness comes before everything else is a concept that frequently evades adults. Kudos on a job well done. I look forward to reading more of her work.

  19. Kanwal on

    Mind blowing essay by a ten year old child , Reflects her maturity ,logical reasoning and eloquent writing .
    She has expressed herself clearly and powerfully.
    Huge round of applause for Amal . She definitely deserves to “WIN”.

  20. Lisa on

    Well said, Amal!

    You are a mature writer and think critically. I agree that health and happiness are two important necessities in life. Also, all students have a creative side and it needs to be shown!

  21. Francine on

    I am blown away by the thought process of this 10 year old. You’re absolutely right. Prioritize individual creativity so we can find true happiness!

  22. Fazia on

    I love how this writer has expressed her thoughts with such genuine honesty that adults so often lack. We are lazy, we don’t try hard enough. We want everything handed to us in a clean environment. We want to complain and whine. We do little. Reading this essay makes me want to do more. And that is what a good writer does…..she makes you feel.

  23. Dan on

    I believe that this child is very observant and wiser beyond her years. I hope she will use her brain to become someone important in life. She gets my vote. Good luck!


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