The black blackboard?

By Travis Reczinski. Travis lives in Mont l'Eveque, France. He is a student at the Notre Dame du Sacre Coeur school in Senlis, France.

The blackboard makes me think of: school. French and Maths! Homework! Writing. A huge whiteboard. The happiness of seeing my teacher. The pleasure of working. The pleasure of writing. Having fun! Doing exercises. Doing geometry. Doing grammar. Doing history. Doing English. Reading. Working with a world map.

What is a blackboard?

It’s magnetic. It’s white on the back. We need chalk and an eraser. It’s for writing. It’s big. It’s very big. 3 or 4 meters long and 1 meter high. It’s green or black or white. It’s easy to clean! It’s got 3 parts. We can fold it. The edge is made from metal. We clean it with a sponge and water but not soap or detergent. It’s lots of fun to clean the blackboard. I love cleaning the blackboard!! Everyone loves cleaning the blackboard!

Why do I like the blackboard and why don’t I like the blackboard?

I like it because we can do lots of fun things on it. Sometimes it’s hard to write on… because I just can’t manage! I think it’s very dark. I can’t write straight. There aren’t any lines. I like it because it’s magnetic and we can attach things to it like the class ruler and triangle. I like it because I can write on it, I can draw on it, I can erase! We can do geometry on the blackboard and I love geometry! I like to be in front of the whole class to write lessons on the blackboard and correct exercises.

What would I like to do on the blackboard if I was a teacher?

I would like to make it disappear! Because it would be fun for all the students! I would like to make it walk around the classroom! I would like to take it for a walk in the road on a leash. I would like to make it speak. I would play games with the blackboard and with my students. With my blackboard I would invent a game to do with my students. The play would be about the Middle Ages. The blackboard would be a castle. The students would draw two towers, a drawbridge and a flag. My students would be in two different kingdoms. At the end, my students and the blackboard would bow to the public.

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