A wonderful fruit

By Erone Katushabe. Erone is from Uganda. *Shortlisted!*

It’s written biblically about the forbidden fruit that our ancestors [Adam and Eve] ate. It’s always beating the religious leaders’ minds and even threatened to create public judgment on them, but it all comes to be cool when one says that the husband and wife enjoyed an apple.

Apples are class s pupil-fist sized sweet succulent fruits that maintain their green colour when ripe. These fruits are unique among others due to their nature and effects they cause on an animal’s feelings and emotions. A chameleon will never move by it and a fly will never see it. We may wonder how this could be but it’s believed that such unclean animals give it a one step away because it’s worth purity.

These two seeded fruits change one’s emotions to positive or more of it in such a way that if one tends to have a bite, he or she will feel freshened up like liberty itself. Lovers’ hearts melt like butter exposed to heat and their cheeks wetted by the tears of joy because the fruit proves their being loved that they now stamp the roses on the ground.

What a fruit! Always available at Obama’s dining table, Queen Elizabeth uses it to make memorials, don’t miss in doctors’ prescriptions, little ones cry for it, it’s in love say “….. the apple of my eye” and above all, preached in churches acting as the fruit in Genesis.

Just like it is said that in order to achieve, one has to take risks whether hook or crook. This statement reveals people who grow apples for their persistence to undergo difficult situations for a later reward. These vitamin giving fruit plants need much care until the day of fruit bearing of which the owner will only have the work of collecting the fruits, keep them in the village store and transport them to towns where humans await with great passion ready to pay (risk) for their best moment with them.

A.P.P.L.E. – “Always Passion Pie Liked Everyone” has been eaten by 85% of successfully married women, my mum inclusive. A part from bridging a gap, the fruit can also be used to make multiple important products such as smearing lotion, soap, perfumes, air fresheners, syrups, wine, and a scented sweet tasting juice.

Without apples, Obama would not have his dinner, the Queen would not make memorials wonderfully, young ones would cry without stopping, some important apple scented products would be yearned for immeasurably, lovers would not get something to compare with their passion, and preachers would wrongly teach the book of Genesis.

Many fruits such as oranges, mangoes, melons and many others try to play the same roles, but the non disease contractor is a class apart and the world needs to keep on preserving its seeds for its better revolution.

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