All about an apple

By Namususwa Prosper. Namususwa is a student at Bridge International Academy, Uganda

An apple is a good fruit. Me and my friends Mary and Jack went in the forest to collect firewood. As we were collecting firewood we saw an apple tree. My friends ran towards the tree and saw some fruits. I asked my friends, “What is that?”. “This is an apple”, they answered. After telling me, they started to eat the apples. I did not know that we can eat apples. I told my friends that you will eat things that will kill you. They laughed and said that you act as if you came from a village. I told them, let me get one apple and taste it.

One day we went back to the forest, I told my friends that where the apple tree is and see how it tastes. I ate one first. I saw that it was tasty and I told my friends that I did not know that apples were tasty. I ate and ate and was satisfied but I did not want to stop eating apples. I started feeling stomach pains. “What a sweet fruit this is!” I said. My friends started to get afraid in the forest. They told me come and we went back home. I said that I can’t leave these apples. They are so sweet.

The next day, I went to my friends’ home and told them to go and collect firewood. They at first refused. If we go with you, you do not want to come back early. They said that let’s go but for us we will not delay there. We went and they said let’s first collect firewood then we will go for apples. We collected the firewood and finished. I told them that let’s go for apples. We went and ate apples. They told me that let’s go back home. I told them to wait. They said that for us we have gone. I answered with a big yes! You think I cannot stay here alone. Hurry and reach home in time. I remained in the forest alone and ate apples. They came back to me. I looked at the tree. I started to feel afraid. I took off and a monkey ran after me but I was crying, ‘one thing even if you chase me I will not stop eating apples!’. I stopped going in the forest but I went to the shops and bought apples. I did not want to stop eating apples because they were so sweet. I encourage you to eat apples.

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