An apple

By Esther Gift Nakulenge. Esther is a student at Bridge International Academy, Uganda

Let us talk about apples. An apple is a good fruit. It’s either green or red. If planted it grows in fertile soil. It can’t give good yields if not planted in fertile soil. I call it a good fruit because it helps to boost somebody’s health. It boosts somebody’s health by providing somebody’s body with vitamins. People eat apples because they are good for their health.

Besides being good for our health they are the sweetest foods in the whole world. They are not commonly grown in Uganda. Because of not being commonly grown Uganda, they are expensive. Apples can be found in supermarkets. Apples need water to grow. They have seeds that grow into another apple tree. Apples are also sold to get income. An apple might get spoilt if not refrigerated, which is the best way to keep them. Some people use apples to express love to others. In Uganda, they are commonly used in introduction ceremonies traditionally known as Embaga. I commonly eat apples when I am hungry. My daddy usually buys apples because he likes them too. Whereas my father wants to make a farm of apples, my mother wants to plant an apple tree in our compound so that we have apples daily. Whereas my brother likes green apples I like red ones. For the best diet, I eat two apples for breakfast, lunch and supper. I feel happy whenever I eat apples or smell their scent. As a matter of fact, green apples are the most grown apples in Uganda. Me and my family like apples. I think they are good for the best diet.

All in all apples are one of the most important fruits in Uganda.

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