An apple – king of all fruits

By Darausi Gwakibe. Darausi is a student at Bridge International Academy, Uganda

The word apple begins with the letter A which makes the sound “a”. An apple is a fleshy round-shaped fruit from the apple tree with a shiny and smooth skin. An apple is grown in orchards. It has a curve on the top where the stem is attached. The colours of the apple’s skin can be red, green, yellow or a mixture of those colours and it has a white flesh inside. It is known as the king of all fruits because it has many good qualities, for example it is beautiful, it is tasty, and also it has a fine smell. It comes in various colours with various tastes, from sour to sweet and one can eat it raw, cooked, or baked. And there is no other fruit that has so many good qualities, therefore, it is not surprising that the apple is regarded as the king of all fruits.

Apples originate from central Asia where its wild ancestors are still found today. Apples stand 1.8 to 4.6 m tall during cultivation. They can be grown anywhere except areas with very hot temperatures, that is to say that apples prefer colder seasons and warm but not too hot summers, on fertile sandy soil and humus soil. Apples are not planted by seed but are planted by small slender woody shoots are implanted as the stems of other apple trees which have good healthy roots to ensure that they grow according to their origins. They are planted in row, spaced between 30 and 40 feet apart which facilitates their development.

They contain vitamins (C and E) which help in maintaining red blood cells in good health as while as one’s digestion. They also reduce the risk of skin diseases and cleaning one’s teeth after a meal.

Apples are used to make apple juice, cider, vineger, apple sauce and many different forms of dessert which can be used by people at home. But on the other side, many apples are treated with pesticides to kill pests and disease before they come to market, meaning they can be in or on the fruit which is harmful to people. Also some simple stomach aches after eating the apples may also occur which is a symptom of the high fibre content in apples.

Today, China is the largest producer of apples in the world with the highest output per year followed by the United States and other like countries like Turkey, India, Poland, Italy, France and so many other different countries.

Itching around the lips and mouth, swelling of the lips and eyes, itchy and watery eyes and sneezing also may happen to some people after eating apples that are affected with pests.

Lastly an apple is not just fruit, but it is also a symbol from the apple that was eaten by Adam and Eve in the biblical creation story.

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