By Paul Kevin Waswa. Paul, 10, is a student at Bridge International Academy, Uganda

I have always wondered what is this fruit called apple. People young and old enjoy eating it. It appears in green and red colours with a smooth and tender skin, big and small in size, juicy and sold in supermarkets, and on almost all streets of Kampala. People sell them with confidence and they always looking fresh with water sprinkled on them.

One time, I was walking with my dad around Kampala and I asked him, dad, have you ever tasted an apple? He said yes, why are you asking? I said because I see them being sold everywhere on the streets. Dad, what food value do we get from apples? He said vitamins son.

Something kept on bugging me and I again asked what food deficiency can attack children who do not eat apples? He said hmmmm implying he did not know but I said dad, it’s okay. I will try to find out from my teacher at Bridge International Academy.

My questions left me wondering that if apples are liked by almost everyone, why don’t we grow them at school or in homes. Why is the government not putting up apple growing projects in order to increase on the production? All I know most apples in Uganda are just imported and this is the reason why most people cannot afford them, making it a very special fruit.

The company Apple has now come up when we look on the sides of technology, they are the most selling products like phones, laptops, and watches. They have a picture of half-eaten apple and are selling like hot cakes. Once one sees the apple picture on the product, they relate it to quality, implying that apples are not only delicious but also precious.

God knows all the good things he put in an apple because even just looking at it you feel like having it there and then. It looks so inviting even when seen in a picture.

Apple is likely to take over the .com era. People have started calling themselves Apple compliants as in the past, where some people were called analog just because they could not use digital facilities, others are calling themselves .com because all they use for communication and business is technology.

The question now is, I have eaten enough apples, will I ever join the Apple world of technology like everyone is longing to?

Bridge School is all about technology and the next thing is to see it growing apples at the academies, teachers using teacher computers from Apple, Academy managers and all people in Bridge using laptops and phones from apple company.

Bite apple use Apple.

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