Apples are good for our health

By Shafik Mulondo. Shafik is a student at Bridge International Academy, Uganda.

An apple is a delicious and fresh fruit which starts with a capital letter “A” and makes an “a” sound. It is one of the most popular and favourite fruits among the health conscious fibre lovers, who firmly believe in the concept of “health is wealth”. This wonderful fruit is packed with rich phytonutrients and anti-oxidants that are indispensable for health. Certain anti-oxidents in an apple have several health promoting and disease preventing properties, such as malic and bartonic acids that help remove impurities from the liver and gall bladder. Diseases such as lung, breast and prostate cancer are prevented and thereby, lively justify the adage, “an apple fruit a day keeps the doctor away”. Apples have also wonderful anti-inflammatory properties which provide significant results for those suffering with auto-immune disorders such as Addison’s disease.

An apple fruit is oval, and it can have a pear shape. Its amber peel comes in different hues and colours depending upon the cultivar type internally. *ts crispy juice pulp is off-white to cream in colour, and has a mix of mild, sweet and tart flavors. Its seeds are bitter in taste and therefore are inedible. There are hundreds of varieties of apples that are meant to be either as table fruits are grown inside our country and worldwide. Apples which are larger in size tend to be crispiest.

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