How I knew the apple

By Kawuman Muggaga. Shaluwa, 13, is a student at Bridge International Academy, Uganda

Once upon a time when I was still a young boy, my mother told me that we were going to the village. On the way, I saw a tree which was beautiful. I told her, “Mother can you stop,” so that I could see the tree properly. She stopped the car and I went to see the tree.

That tree had fruits. Those fruits were green in colour and they were beautiful. They had a skin. It was my first time to see that fruit. I got one of them from the tree. I bit the apple fruit. The fruit was so sweet. I said to my mom, “this is the best fruit I have ever see before.” She asked me which one. I said the one in your eyes. She told me that is an apple. Its name was nice. We got many apples to take to our people in the village. We reached the village and started giving out the apples. Everyone in the village enjoyed that day. We walked to my grandmother’s home. My grandfather was out of the country. When she saw us she was very happy.

She called her grandchildren to greet my mother. She started giving them out one by one. They went outside to play. My grandmother was out of apples. She told my mother that she has an apple garden but the apples were still too young to be eaten by humans. Then she told my mother that apples are very very sweet fruit in the world and its colour is good. Even when we have a party or a birthday party I give them an apple. Hoooo apple is good. The best food I had ever seen before in my life. It has a color, it has smell, it has sweetness.

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