How people in Africa started using roller/painter

By Hope Linda Kageya. Hope Linda is a student at Wobulenzi Town Academy, Uganda

Traditional African homesteads were made from grass, soil, fibres, and weak timber. The reason why it was so was due to a number of reasons.

Some cultures and tribes were mainly cattle keepers who could move from one place to another, looking for both water and pastures to feed their animals. Another reason was that Africans were still behind in technology, so our homesteads were still in a poor state where there was no need for a painter. While the African economy was still very poor, most of the building materials could be exported from abroad.

These three reasons explain why there was no need for a painter at that time in Africa.

However, when the white man started changes in Africa he brought a number of man-built urban centres with modern cement, brick and iron sheets. Therefore, the need to use a painter in Africa came along with white man’s technology, however, but has been earlier used in European and some Arab countries.

How did that idea to use a painter to come?

I’m very sure that in both European and Arab countries where the idea developed, there must have arose a need to paint buildings with different colours, but where, of course, some parts man’s hand could not reach, so the builders of that time had to be creative.

In this sense, therefore, the picture best describes a painter or a roller designed to easy painting.

How does a painter work?

One day, a Monday morning, I observed Mr. Tom, a famous colour painter in my home area. He was painting a house for our neighbour, blue and white colour. I observed that the painter and the white colour. I observed that the painter is a woolen material fixed on a long, small and light stick tightly. It can be used for painting.

Notably, if two or more colours are to be painted or used, a painter can not be used at the same time. This means one colour is painted first and then washing the painter into clean water or mixing clean water with paraffin for washing it. The next colour can now be painted. So after painting white, Mr. Tom painted the blue colour.

Finally, a painter is a true factor of development, as it is used to paint colours and make good and poor buildings look better.

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