Painting as an art

By Shaluwa Namuwaya. Shaluwa, 10, is a student at Bridge International Academy, Uganda. *Shortlisted!*

Art is the painting of the old masters that hang in museums. Many people would never think of visiting such museums.

A great number of people do not understand such old and new forms of painting. They do not understand that such old and new art forms are part of everyday life. It is all around us. Art and painting surround people in buildings they see everyday and objects they buy for their homes.

Painting is one of the most common illustration of artwork.

Paint is a substance that is applied as a liquid or paste, that dries into a solid coating that protects or adds colour to an object or the surface to which it has been applied.

Have you ever felt a strong urge to dance, sing a song or tell a story? Have you ever had the desire just to sit down and draw a picture? It can be probably safely assumed that you have had one of these desires, no matter who you are or where you live. These desires to be creative show your need for artistic painting.

Painting seems to matter very much. It has been present in every culture in the world. One of the oldest existing examples of art are paintings of animals found in caves near Altamira, Spain. It is estimated that they were painted between about 15,000 and 10,000 BC. Every culture has found means of artistic expression all over the world. Wherever there are people, there is art painting.

For the painters, it is a way of releasing emotions. It fulfills the need to make something that is satisfying to see or look at.

But a work of painting is also a way of communicating the painter’s feeling or view of the world to others.

Painting is a marvelous way of helping the poor-sighted and weak-sighted people express their range of experience. They can also do brush drawing and painting.

Art painting can create a nicer environment. It can also help one escape from the problems of a dull daily routine.

However, painting is timeless. Its beauty does not fade over the years. It can give much today as when it was created hundreds or even thousands of years ago.

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