Rolling to paint

By Alexar Rebecca Nakatu. Alexar, 10, is a student at Bridge International Academy, Uganda.

Painting is an art activity that beautifies and makes things shine. Painting is fun and mostly when done with a roller.

I have learnt that painting is so easy when you master the direction of fibres as mummy calls it. She always shouts, ‘stick to one direction when rolling’!

We do it at home every year towards x-mas, changing from one colour to another. This is the way we wash our walls, getting ready to receive visitors from the village and this is the only activity we do as a family because we don’t have anyone to do it for us. It is fun. We spend the whole day rolling paint on the walls and we don’t get tired, as to us it is a game of rolling up and down, so we even formed a song of Roll, Roll, Rolling down, up down, and up, Left, Right, down, and up that’s the only way.

Mummy’s friends have now started hiring us to do some painting at their homes and we are earning some small money. It feels good working and getting paid for the job done. This makes me remember what our Sunday school teacher always told us that we should learn to make money when we are still young and God blesses works of everyone’s hands.

My big brother Powel has now developed the art of mixing colours and drawing from the roll, roll thing we do at home, and also draws nice pictures/cartoons for us to paint.

Roll painting is mostly done by builders and artists and this makes a difference in people’s way of looking at things such as thinking beyond the paint they see. Every one of us has a special colour he or she desires to see or look at or even wear which we call our best/favourite colour. Pink is my best and we painted pink on the walls of the girls’ bedroom. When I sleep facing up on my back and look at the walls, I say, that is the roll and roll game mother taught us.

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