Saving the Planet

By Melissa Hardy. Melissa is a young writer from Pocklington, UK. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Our individual lives dont mean anything in the large scale of things, because the world is where we all live. Everybody (about seven billion people or more) live on the earth, but we are the only ones benefiting from our own lives, so in order to not be selfish, we should think about the majority and not just about ourselves. If we just think about ourselves, the planet will die, because we are not taking care of it. We are using a lot of electricity, throwing our waste where we shouldn’t and killing animals and all this is killing our earth. What is the point in being alive in fifty years from now if we are all going to die? If we have no earth, our survival means nothing, so logically we should put the planet before ourselves.

We should think about our children who will grow up in the next generation. We want the world to be good for them, but the way things are going, they will reach age five and then drown because the icebergs will have melted. At this rate there is no point bringing children into a world which is quite simply toxic anyway. We should want to protect our children even if we don’t care about protecting ourselves, so we need to stop what we are doing to ensure them a good life. We need to start caring about other people.

We should also think about the people we love now, such as our families and friends and partners. Would we want any of them to suffer? We should all realize that using up energy and throwing toxic waste in the ocean is making life horrible for the people we care about, because they will eat toxic meat if animals are sick, they will catch diseases if they swim in the polluted sea and they will be unable to start a family later in life because of the inevitable environmental crisis that is upcoming. We don’t care about anyone if we continue like this, because individual lives don’t really matter in the big picture of life.

Factories are the biggest offenders in all this, because they are endlessly dumping things in the sea and making the world toxic. They are killing all the fish and poisoning the ones they don’t kill, so not only are the fish living a terrible life, but we will also suffer from eating them because they are poisonous. We are just poisoning ourselves, which is silly. Why wouldn’t we want to be as healthy as possible? It is simple: if we treat the world better, we will be healthier and happier. If we stop using terrible products on our fresh food, we will live longer and the earth won’t be poisoned by the toxins we use.

One day I was going to a fresh fruit and vegetable market and it was shocking because all the people there looked so much healthier than the average person. This is because they eat some of the rare food on our earth today that is not horrible and toxic for their health. It is better for the planet and also for the people themselves; I think it is definitely worth it to pay a little bit more to have good food. It is the same concept when buying good quality meat; we shouldn’t buy meat from animals who have been raised cheaply in deforested parts of the rainforest, but animals who have had a good, organic life. Eggs, too, should be bought from free-range farms, because we should think of the poor chickens’s suffering and it breaks my heart to think what they go through.

We must absolutely start taking care of the world around us and stop being so selfish.

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