Snow in the World

By Esthher Muladeghu. Esther lives in Nairobi, Kenya.

Snow is a white soluble substance found on mountain peaks. It melts and turns into water when there is heat.

In some parts of the world, we find snow. Not all places have snow. At the North pole and the South pole, that’s where lots of snow is found.

In places like North America, they experience winter. Winter is a cold season with very cold temperatures. During that time, snow fills the continent. Sometimes, the ocean freezes to become a big block of ice.

In as much as we find snow on mountain peaks, we can all also find it in the North and South pole of the world. In my life, I have encountered snow. We were travelling to Meru, whence we bypassed mount Kenya. The climate is cool and wet because of the mountain. I was fascinated by the whitish view on the peak depicting snow. My first impression was that they were clouds, but I came to understand it was snow.

Snow can make a lake. This happens when it flows down the mountain peak. It is then heated by the sun and methods to water. An example of a lake formed by snow is Teleki tarn on mount Kenya.

The advantage of snow is that it contributes to foreign exchange through tourist attraction. It is also the source of river Tana and river Kathita located in Meru county. If I find myself in a snow filled vicinity, I would make a snowman out of it.

One disadvantage of snow is that, if a person is exposed to places with snow, that person will definitely die of the frigidly cold ice.

In order to prevent yourself from dying, you must definitely wear heavy clothes.

Indeed, snow is a great thing to encounter within the world.

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