The apple – a wonder

By Regan Walusanga. Regan is a student at Bridge International Academy, Uganda.

Several reports have been made about the health benefits of incorporating fruit in a human diet. One of the most highly commended fruits with huge benefits to human health is the apple. The apple is a round fruit, the size of a human fist with a firm stalk. Some are green in colour and others are red. They however have the same nutrients.

According to experts in nutrition, apples contain high volumes of almost all kinds of vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of the body especially the brain. They contribute to the regeneration of body cells. In fact, there is a new branch of science popularly known as phytoscience in Singapore that has developed stem cells out of a special kind of apple.

Apples are also associated with love. In most cases lovers take an apple as a symbol of love used to express one’s feelings to another. They create a romantic environment for one in love. In fact, others say, “you’re the apple of my eye” because of the sweetness in it. During introductions and engagements, apples are taken as special gifts to their lovers that makes it a wonderful fruit.

In business, people have decided to grow apples on their farms which has helped them to earn a living on their own. For example in Kabale, farmers have grown apples for sale, food and this has done much to improve on their standards of living. They are sold in groceries and also exported to other countries which has improved on the taxes paid to the government out of the special kind of fruits.

To children apples have provided a conducive environment for digestion. Children are able to chew them properly since they are soft and always fresh to be eaten at any time. They find it easy to have an apple and they contain vitamins that have contributed to the proper functioning of body parts like the brain. They contribute to the regeneration of body cells.

There is no doubt therefore, the apple is one of the most wonderful creations that the world is blessed with given all of those benefits.

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