The Colours in my Eye

By Faith Nzau. Faith, 14, lives in Nairobi, Kenya

He lived in a small hut near a river. He had neither wife nor children. His name was Christopher. He used to go to Kobia forest to look for food every time he was hungry. He lived in a quiet and isolated place and was as dirty as a hog. His countenance exhibited neither colour nor cheerfulness.

On that fateful day, he was walking home from the forest. He was so much drawn in his mind to think of his life of gloom and doom until he found himself in an unfamiliar place – an appealing place. He gazed at each and every individual human being he saw.They were flowers in his eyes- blue, red, green- he saw all the contrast and though he couldn’t recognize the specific colours,he saw their difference and individuality.He strolled through the city looking astonished. On structures enclosing the path walk he trod ,he noticed the appeal of beauty,and the embroidery of inter-locked buildings.

On the second day,harbouring a rumbling stomach,Christopher wandered into a construction Site. Men at work crisscrossed each other briskly in their achievement oriented manoeuvres. Chris approached the guy who seemed in charge of this them all,and who was bellowing instructions and commands to the others like a pot spitting boiling froth. He told the supervisor that he needed a job.

“What can you do ?”

“l can paint, sir.”

Christopher immediately found himself with a job. The supervisor however realized that Christopher knew not how to paint. Christopher was lucky because he met an honest supervisor who taught him how to paint. After some few weeks, he knew how to paint and painted the building very well.

The supervisor was amused. The passers-by were astonished and liked the building. The money which he was paid, he bought a huge and a beautiful house. He had a transformation of lifestyle like a green patch of grass in the midst of Sahara desert.

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