The most loved fruit in the world

By Zahara Lubwama. Zahara is a student at Wobulenzi Town Academy, Uganda.

Have you ever thought of the most loved fruit in the world? Have you ever thought of why an apple is loved in all continents of the world? The answer is this: indeed the most loved fruit in the world is an apple. Every part of the world where you go, people say apples are very delicious.

The origin of apples can be traced from Arabia. This is because the climatic conditions in Arabia favours its growth. They don’t grow well in hard conditions under high temperatures. This is the reason why apples are not grown in most African countries. In Africa, apples are grown in countries like South Africa that have a good climate.

We get apples in Uganda from the main markets. These apples are transported from abroad. From the main markets apples are supplied to different parts of the country by the small traders. A buyer can therefore get excess of buying apple.

Apples are very delicious fruits loved by almost everyone and because of this value they are sold at a price which is not too high and not too low. At least anybody is able to buy an apple. In Ugandan shillings, apples are sold between 1000 to 1500 each.

Apples are nutritious fruits loved by every child. They contain vitamins good for proper body growth. At our school, our teacher told us the value of apples to our health. He even promised to buy for us some apples someday to pupils who will perform highly in exams.

The following are the uses of apples in Uganda. Apples are used as food since everybody would like to enjoy eating them.

They are used on functions like introductions as gifts given to the woman’s side. I saw this when my big sister introduced her husband at home in May this year.

Because of the good value of apples, I suggest we also begin growing them in Uganda. I know in Uganda today many people have planted forests thata I believe have improved on the climate conditions in some areas. For example, don’t you think apples can grow well around Mabira forest in Mukono District? How about areas around big lakes and rivers? I would advise our government to find out about this for sure. We are missing a lot of money we could get from apples as exports to our neighbours like Kenya, Tanzania, and Sudan. I still advise our government to bring experienced farmers from countries where apples are grown to come to Uganda and teach us how to grow and where we should grow it. My father is a good farmer. I don’t want him to miss this chance.

Finally, I suggest if our Academy Manager can bring for us some apples in Bridge School during competition and school academic tours, it would encourage us and our parents. Let them give apples to children who behave well, the best English speakers of the week, the best in debate and the smartest should be thanked with an apple. This would encourage us to work hard.

So I finish my passage by defending my title that the most loved fruit in the world is an apple as it is enjoyed by presidents, ministers, kings and the poor. Enjoy!!

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