The White World

By Francis Maina. Francis lives in Nairobi, Kenya and is a pupil at Bridge International Academy.

For decades, ice has been there. Ice was used by our ancestors to refresh , like in playing games and cooling down during hot days.

Today, ice is used for many functions like; playing games and sports, refreshing and preserving food and drinks. Did you know that there are big ice blocks in the world? These are called glaciers.

The glaciers are found at the North and the South pole. They are found there because because of the distance from the equator on which the sun directly shines. My understanding of the formation of glaciers is as follows:They are formed because of the strong and powerful winds found there. One of these is called Westerlies. Westerlies are winds that carry alot of moisture. The other dangerous winds are the Southern Hamartan and the Northern Hamartan winds. They are dry winds that move at a very high speed. They move at a speed of about two hundred and sixteen kilometres per hour.

The Westerlies move towards west and the Hamartan move towards east at very high speed. Finally, they hit. The clouds turn black. Because of the speed, they push the clouds against each other. In that process, friction occurs. Because the moisture is very high and frozen, snow starts falling slowly by slowly.

That process started happening thousands of years ago. Till now, the snow is falling, slowly by slowly. Because the land is cold and freezing, plants cannot stand it. Some of them die. Some plants grew there but are buried deep inside by the snow. That’s why it is called the white desert, because it has no vegetation.Around that place, there are some animals living there. They are carnivores. One of these animals is the polar bear. It is able to live there because of its plenty, white fur. The fur helps it to feel warm. Another characteristic is eating animals rich in fats and oils. Examples are seals and fish.

Another animal that can humiliate that condition is a Penguin. A penguin is a non flying mammal. One characteristic of a penguin is that, they stay put in large numbers. When the cold is intense, they stay close to each other to spread warmth.

Penguins rely on the vegetation under the ice, in the freezing water. They get to it without worrying of freezing, because their bodies have an anti freezing layer.

The two poles are dazzling and shining. If you look at the poles now, they are melting. They are melting due to the industrial gases and machinery smoke. If we do not take control of the smoke and gases, what will happen to the poles?

In big countries like America, Japan, Germany and Europe, gas and smoke emissions is produced in very high quantities. Most of the gas produced is carbon dioxide. Big factories, cars, aeroplanes and trucks produce alot of smoke.

How can we stop this melting of the white world? We can stop it by using renewable sources of energy. If that’s not possible, then electricity can be used. Electricity is mostly produced by hydroelectric generators- which use water, geothermal generators- which use stream and wind turbines, which use wind. If we use renewable sources of energy, the white world will not melt, ever!

When the ice melts, the water trickles down to to oceans, increasing the quantity and making it to overflow to the dry land where it is not wanted because its salty.

So, let us be careful with what we use, so that the white world will not vanish!

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