A terrifying dream

By Sandra Omondi. Sandra, 12, is a student at Bamburi Great News Adventist School, Nairobi, Kenya. Please read her story and leave your thoughts and comments below.

It was a warm Thursday evening and I was walking home from school.  The day had been pleasant and I had not had any problems.  I made my way down the busy streets greeting everyone on my way.  I soon left the city behind and I was walking down the dusty winding weathered road to the forest.  I began to sing songs which I had committed to memory.  Soon I was in the middle of the forest.  I stood for a while marveling at the beauty of the forest.

The tall evergreen trees towered high making a canopy at the top.  The wild bushes spread around me shaking their leaves.  How I longed to taste the juicy purple raspberries!  The roses and morning glory made the scenery ever more beautiful with rows of purple, red, yellow and pink.  The grass was thick and green, thus negating the known experience of the scorching sun around the forest that obviously would give them the yellow living edge which signals withering.  The wild mushrooms littered every damp area under the trees.  The sound of a roaring river could be heard in a distance, with single streams meandering from every corner of the forest.  The high hills overlooking the forest lay green and rich, seeming untouched and fertile and the orange sun could be seen setting beyond these hills leaving behind a reddish blue sky.

I wish that this wild place was my permanent home.  I stood for a little while, then continued with my journey home.  Maybe on a fine bright weekend I could come and explore this rare beauty, I thought.  Hardly had I walked a kilometer when I stopped suddenly in the middle of the road.  The hair at the back of my neck stood erect.  My skin turned as pale as a ghost as blood drained from my face.  My heart leapt and beat rapidly and my legs shook and I almost lost my balance.  A cold chill came over me as I heard footsteps. I needed to know that my ears were not playing tricks on me.  I waited for a moment longer and alas!  It was true that heavy footsteps were following behind.

I didn’t dare to turn but just began to walk as fast as my feeble legs could carry me.  I thought of screaming but I soon remembered I was all alone in the middle of the jungle.  Soon the footsteps became more pronounced and I could not control the deep fear that was welling up in me.  Before I could hatch a quick plan of action, I noticed a stranger closely behind me.  Aha! He was the most feared man who lived in the forest.  He was so close that I could hear his heavy breathing.  I turned only to see the ugliest monster I had ever seen.

Scared to the bone, I turned and showed a clean pair of heels.  I ran fast and immediately began calling, not noticing that already I had jumped off a cliff.  The ground seemed to be rushing away from me and I knew I was welcoming death like a long lost friend.  Suddenly I woke up from my bed shouting strangely “Help me! I am dying!”  You can imagine my shock when I realised that it was just but a dream. I sighed with relief when it turned out that all the scary experiences I had gone through were a nightmare!  Needless to say, all’s well that ends well.

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