Eyes in the Wood

By Kiran Bassi. Kiran is a writer from RIchmond, Canada

Marley was jittery and nervous. Her stomach twisted and turned, and she flexed her sweaty fingers together anxiously. “Are you sure we should do this, Paige?” The taller blonde fingered a lighter between her red lacquered finger nails, and barely glanced back at her sister.

“It’s the only option. You know this, M… It’s only a matter of time before they find his body and fish us off to jail. Macgull is already onto us.” Though Paige’s voice didn’t break, the trembling in her slender hands gave it away. She was just as nervous as Marley was.

“Okay.” Marley said. In a way, Paige wasn’t wrong. Even though Marley knew that Jakob, -the man they’d killed-was a terrible person, the police didn’t share their sentiments. Of course, they didn’t know about the girls.

There had been seven of them. 6 were dead, and one was Marley. Alive, against all odds. “D’you have the oilcloth?” Paige asked. Marley nodded, pulling out a long rag that shimmered in the bare moonlight.

“Great. We’ll have to drag him into the cabin and set that on fire. Make it look like some stupid druggies smoking.” Suddenly, Marley felt queasy. “We have to… dig him up?” Her stomach churned some more.

“It’s okay, I’ll do it. ” Paige said. “You just have to light up a few cigarettes and put them inside. Make sure they’re out though. Put three or four in the living room and one in the kitchen. Also, put some oilcloth inside and spray the gasoline around.”

Paige went to go dig up the body and Marley went inside to do her job. It was about half an hour later (By now, Marley had finished her job) when Paige came back, panicked. “He’s not there!” She cried, terrified.

“You probably just dug up the wrong spot,” Marley reasoned with her. “No, it was the right p-” Suddenly the formerly open front door slammed shut, cutting Paige off. “Let’s get out of here” Paige said, and she practically ran to the door, jiggling the knob”It isn’t opening” Marley realized. She was about to panic when something made her stop short. “Do you smell that?” Marley asked.

“It smells like… Smoke?”


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