By Mitchel Onyango. Mitchel, 11, is a student at Akili Girls Preparatory School, Kenya. Please read her article and leave your comments and thoughts below.

Fire can cause a lot of damage. That is it can burn houses, schools, people and even factories. There was a school called St. Barnabas Secondary School. It was a school and there was a thief who came to their school to steal their property. The thief didn’t find anything to steal and so he decided to burn the school.

There was a girl called Anita. She saw smoke coming from the dormitory, she shouted “Fire! Fire! Somebody help me I am burning”. Then the watchman heard the noise and decided to go and see what was happening. He saw fire burning the domitory. He went and call the head teacher Mr. Otego. The head teacher and other workers to came and helped the watchman to put out the fire. Mr Otego the head teacher called 999 on his mobile phone for the firefighters.

In five minutes everyone could hear the siren of the fire engine as it raced toward the school. An ambulance came too and took the pupils who were injured and burned. The firefighters and teachers tried to put the fire out, but the fire still burned fiercely. The army was called to help and some soldiers arrived in five minutes.

The two groups pulled long hoses from the three engines. They attached them to the water supply and very soon large jets of water poured onto the fire. Twenty minutes later, there was just the smell of smoke and the sight of a badly burnt dormitory. “You were lucky it didn’t spread to the other building,” said one firefighter, “We had twenty calls reporting the fire. People know that 999 calls are free. Who saw the fire here?” “Anita, the girl who is standing over there,” said Mr. Otega.

Anita shook hands with the firefighters. The firefighter let her put on his helmet and sit in the engine. “When I grow up, I want to be a firefighter”, Anita said. “Good,” said the firefighter, “I will keep a place for you, but you must study hard to pass your exam.”

Fire is danger.

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