By Mercy Oluoch. Mercy, 12, is a student at Akili Girls Preparatory School, Kenya. Please read her article and leave your comments and thoughts below.

Fire is the flame. Light, heat and smoke is produced when something burns. It burns fiercely, causing damage to people, institutions, houses, animals, etc. Everybody fears fire. Fire can also burn as a result of accident, e.g. with petrol or electricity. One night at a school called Moi Girls Secondary School in Nairobi, situated along the Uluru highway, one dormitory was caught on fire, when the students were sleeping. Then a girl called Mary woke up and noticed the fire and alerted the other girls. She walked from bed to bed, waking up the other girls. “Hey, Hey, fire, fire.”

The girls woke up, even though some were badly burnt and even some eight girls were already in ashes. The girls could not believe their eyes. Every one asked, “Are our eyes playing tricks on us?” Immediately Mary tried to escape but it was too late. The flame increased and poor Mary was burnt .

She was one of the girls who were rushed to the hospital for treatment. The teachers and staff tried to put out fire but it still burnt fiercely. A few minutes later all the teachers and the people who came to see what was happening filled the compound. After a few minutes they could hear the siren of a fire engine as it raced towards the school. An ambulance came too to collect the casualties. The firefighters and the teachers tried to put out the fire but the fire still burnt fiercely . The armies were called into help and some soldiers arrived in a few minutes .

The two groups pulled long hoses from the three fire engines. They attached them to the water supply and soon large jets of water poured onto the fire. Twenty minutes later, there was just the smell of smoke and a sight of the badly burnt dormitory.

I really feel sympathy for the nine girls who died and I am so sorry for the parents.

Fire is a dangerous thing.

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