The Midnight Swing

By Emarae Hutchings. Emarae, 11, is in 5th grade and enjoys reading kid’s graphic novels and playing the viola. She lives in Delaware, USA. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

It was a sizzling, hot summer day as I sat in my bedroom. Not expecting any visitors, I raced to the door as I hear the doorbell chime.

“Hi, what’s up,” I asked my friends, Audrey and Jake.

“Do you want to ride bikes?” Audrey asks.

“Sure” I say, then I close the door behind me.

“Hey, let’s go to that park,” Jake says.

“Don’t you know that place is abandoned?” I ask.

“Yea, that place give me the creeps!” Audrey explains.

“Come on guys, don’t be scardey cats,” Jake says.

I began to have a weird vision of a little girl swinging on a swing, and she was singing, but I couldn’t understand what she was saying. I began to feel a tingling feeling going up my spine, and as I turn around quickly, my neck cracks as I look to see nothing there.

“Ashley, are you ok?” Audrey asks me.

“Yes, I’m fine, but I felt something on my back,” I explained.

“Are we going to the park or not?” Jake asks.

We all knew the story about the park, and about the swing (if you sit on the swing at midnight, you will die) but I didn’t believe in that stuff. Arriving at the park, we all drop our bikes on the cold, wet grass as we walk towards the caution tape that read: do not cross. I put my foot over the tape as I shiver with fear, not knowing what might happen as Audrey and Jake follow. I see the wooden swing that swung from the tall tree and I see the vision of the little girl again. My ears begin to ring and I feel as cold and stiff as an iceberg in the middle of the sea. I stare at the little girl as she continues to sing about me; I try to walk away but my feet stay glued to the ground. The last words I heard from her were: “the sun might never rise again”.

“I dare you to sit on the swing and see what happens,” Audrey says.

I walk to the wooden swing and I begin to hear whispering as I took a seat. My chest begins to tighten as I look down to see a dark hole where the little girl smiles at me, then pulls me down.

My last thoughts were, “why did I do this?” and everything went black.

14 comments on “The Midnight Swing

  1. paul on

    Amazing and creative at such a young age. This young lady has a lot of talent and if continues has a great future ahead of her!!!!!

  2. James on

    I enjoyed the story very much, and it was particularly creative especially when using hooks like the physical manifestations of fear. Nice work!

  3. Melanie on

    Lessons to be learned from this short story! Would love to read a follow-up story…the rest of the story…a story of Daylight…of peace and grace. Keep writing! Great job!

  4. Shellie Hutchings on

    I would have never guessed this writing was from a young person. I LOVE the story!!! You’ve got such amazing talent!!!!

  5. Stephanie on

    What a great imagination you have and your story keeps you intrigued until the end. Keep on challenging yourself and you never know where you will go. Very proud of you Emarae.

  6. Chip Phillips on

    Emmie Lou Who I’m so very proud of you! I love your story and I’m very impressed but not suprised at all that you write so well at your age! So precocious! It has the classic ending that leaves you in suspence and wanting more just like any classic novel will. I’ve always loved and hated those types of endings! You have a promising future in writing if thats what you want?! But i believe you have a bright future no matter what you choose to do in life, honey!!! i love you so much and can’t wait for the next one!


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