The Tree Tale

by Nikit Raj. Nikit is from Bokaro, India. Please read his article and leave your thoughts and comments below. *Shortlisted for the NUHA Young Writers Blogging Prize 2017*

Hi, I am a Chestnut tree. For many decades, I have been standing here. I have witnessed many changes around me, but what has not changed is the way we have been caring about others. I still remember the words of the biology teacher at the school, “Children! You just cannot imagine how much potential this seed has stored inside it.”

The same evening the boy who was carrying me home, accidentally dropped me. After a few days, I started growing big and bigger and bigger. Of course, the teacher was right. We have only one religion – and that is to serve others –  animals, birds, insects, children and adults. You can’t imagine how happy I am when children play in my shadow, or they climb me; and yes, when little Amy tries to hug me I consider myself to be the happiest creation of God.

I know many elderly people who used to play with me in their childhood. Most of them are still kind to me and my friends, but some seem to have forgotten the happy days they shared with us. A few months back, my best friend, who had stood with me for many decades, was cut into pieces. Apparently, someone needed new pieces of furniture. My dearest buddy was crying in pain, but those heartless humans were so cruel. I felt helpless. I just pray that my fellow trees and I don’t meet such an end.  Of course, I too have a scar in my bark. A careless child once had the ‘interesting’ idea of carving out his name in my bark. It hurt a lot then, I even cried that night. But then, we trees adore children.

Sometimes I wish the world would be full of children. Their hands might be too small to hug me, but their heart s are as big as the sky.

36 comments on “The Tree Tale

  1. Katya Raj on

    Dear Nikit, I appreciate your care about nature. I wish more and more people will join your movement for saving trees to make our earth greener. After all, everybody has got the right to breath fresh air and lead a healthy life.

  2. Tanja Wiljams on

    Lieber Nikit,du bist ein sehr guter Mensch,du in deinem Alter denkst über unsere Erde und über Zukunft,das gibt uns allen die Hoffnung ,dass für euch jungen Leute ist nicht alles egal.

  3. Saumya on

    We have only 1 home – Earth. It is baffling that most of us need to be pushed into understanding this, into realizing that harmony with nature and respect for its power are basic tenets of life on Earth. It is heartening to see young people thinking and writing about this very pertinent issue.Thankyou for this lovely story and thankyou for giving me hope for the times to come. Good luck 🙂

  4. ASHISH RAJ on

    Nikit – very well done! I am happy to see that you are writing so well. And also that you have chosen such an important issue to write about through this story. If more and more people think like you, the world would be a better place. I would love to see more of your work – keep it up!

  5. Abhay sinha on

    Its great Nikit Raj! I admire your writing skills. Its very difficult to find a person who writes so well at such an infant age. May God be with you and keep on practicing and improving yourself. Always remember practice makes one perfect !

  6. bill aitken on

    Dear Nikita of all the trees that grow in Mussoorie the chestnut (panger) uplifts the spirit the most . Its generous canopy is preceded by the most tender pink leaves and a stalk of white blossoms. In September it sings as it bends to the wind. Here is a standing message of life’s upward striving through beauty and joy and your writing has caught the essence of this unfolding.

  7. Victoria Safina on

    GOOD WORK ♡♡♡ I was very moved by the way you have narrated the story through the eyes of a chestnut tree, Nikit indeed, trees se so many changes around them and would have sobmuch to tell us if they could talk..

  8. Zukhra on

    I was very moved by the way you have narrated the story through the eyes of a chestnut tree, Nikit. Indeed, trees see so many changes around them and would have so much to tell us if they could talk..

  9. Anastasia B on

    Dear Nikita,

    Thank you for sharing your thaughts and feelings.
    I wish me and all people could see and feel the world from a trees perspective. It would be intresting to communicate with them. I hope one day people can sense their enviremment.

  10. Adesh on

    Really an interesting article which show how nature care for us and how we are utilizing nature for our materialistic need.
    Keep writing and highlighting such issues.

  11. Narayan Prabhat Ranjan on

    Care for nature should be given the prime importance and its great to see that you have voiced this by speaking thru the chestnut tree. Well done. Keep it up.

  12. Maya sinha.Bokaro steel city. Jharkhand. on

    A unique way to represent a bosom relationship between human-beings and nature /environment.Like other living-beings- trees and plants have also features of life. If we love them, take their care and protect them- they, in return, also give us healthy life, shelter,happiness and energy – but the return is in some different form. The protection of nature, environment give us good rain,good crops healthy and oxygeneted fresh air. The relationship between human-being and environment is unbreakable and inseparable. ‘The Tree-Tale Story’ by Nikit Raj not only shows a closed relationship between ” Man and nature /environment” but it also reflects a sincere, sensitive, sentimental and kind heart of Nikit Raj.God bless you Nikit.

  13. Anand on

    Dear Nikit, lately, our treatment and approach to nature can be named suicidal and extremely selfish. Every year, millions of people, in both, developed as well as developing countries suffer because of excessive rainfall, floods, draught, extreme cold or extreme hot weather. Even a grade 1 pupil will not find it difficult to answer that deforestation does have a role to play in all these calamities. I wish and pray that your words act as eye opener for all of us and we start viewing trees as our real investment that will make our future generations healthier and happier. God bless you, amigo.


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