The Wood Full of Secrets

By Idunu Joseph. Idunu, 11 lives in Essex, UK. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

“RING! RING! RING!” The bell had just rung, that was the sign of the end of another torturing school day for Alexa and Louise, luckily it was Friday. Alexa was quite adventurous and wanted to explore the wood near the school, which has earned itself the title ‘The Wood Full of Secrets’, Louise was quite timid because of the myth from hundreds of years ago about a prince who went into the woods and never came back. He was searched and searched for but people never came back. It was said as soon as you step foot in those woods you are not expected to ever come back.

“Class dismissed!” Shouted the teacher.

On that note they were off, and of course they were off to the wood, The Wood Full of Secrets. Alexa had a smile on her face, however Louise didn’t, she was pusillanimous and she did not have much courage at all. One step into the wood and Louise felt a cold shiver up her spine. She stood still.

“Come on!” Shouted Alexa. “It’s not that scary.”

“Wait Alexa I just noticed something, look at the trees, can you see the faces in the trees, it’s like their yearning for help.” Said Louise, who was quite shocked by all of this.

“It’s not that intriguing you know, let’s go explore somewhere else.” Stated Alexa, who did not have a clue about one word that Louise had just said.

So, they ran a bit but Louise could not stop thinking about what the trees could be. She thought trees can’t actually do anything. ’Why do I keep on seeing people inside trees here, what is going on?’ she thought.

“Are you done daydreaming now?” Questioned Alexa.

Alexa pulled Louise up and in the middle of carrying out this simple every day task she dropped her as she something gold and glistening out of the corner of her eye. Apprehensively, Alexa moved towards the bush as the gleam got bigger and bigger, her eyes widened, her pulse quickened. Many questions came inside her head “What is it?,It can’t be what I think it is? Is it, it can’t be?”..

 “It’s the Crown of … “ Uttered Louise, who was in awe of what she saw.

“I actually think it is.” Said Alexa.

She picked it up and there was the crown shining and shimmering in the light, and what a beauty it was.

“Push me on the swing, please!” Said Alexa, who was so happy.

“Ok I will then, let’s go.” Replied Louise.

A large gust of wind came out of nowhere and it pushed the crown out of her hands she ran to pick it up. She started walking back.

Louise muttered, “There’s someone behind you…”


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