By Brigitta Angelie. She lives in Tangerang, Indonesia. Please read her entry and leave your comments below.

“Mom? What happened to our home?” he said. Meet El, a young, innocent baby elephant. “MOM? WHERE ARE YOU?” El screamed. Little did he know, his mom had been killed. Killed by a monster. The monster who had also ruined El’s home in the forest.

After walking for a while, El arrived at a strange place. “OH MY GOD! THERE’S AN ELEPHANT!” A monster screamed, causing chaos. “Hello? Please can you help me? I lost my mom and my home,” El asked. But what did he get? A hit from those monsters, and then another and another. Until El couldn’t bear it anymore. So, he died with a tear left in his eyes, still asking for a help.

Those monsters killed innocent animals, they ruined the nature. They always asked for more. Their mindset is that they have to get what they want. But, what do they give back to those who have given them what they want? Destruction, damage and other cruel things.

When nature takes revenge on them, what do they do? All they do is beg for forgiveness. Promising that they will never do it again. But, guess what? Yes, they do exactly what they did in the past. Damaging the earth.

They know that in the future, the earth will be ruined. But they don’t care as long as they can live a happy life. They never think about others. They will do anything to get what they want – including killing others.

The earth is taking revenge on them now. Storms, floods, tsunamis, eruptions, earthquakes and landslides are happening everywhere now. Animals are going wild. Animals are killing these monsters. Trying to revenge the animals those monsters have killed.

Now, the tables have turned. The earth is tired. Tired of the torture those monsters have been inflicting. Those monsters are the ones who are tortured now.

Those monsters are humans.

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