A Piece of Freedom

By Vania Graciela. Vania, 13, lives in Tangerang, Indonesia. Please read her article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

In this world, we are surrounded by so many different people with so many different opinions and perspectives. Although there is always two sides to every story, is it wrong for me to say that there is definitely more than just two? It’s a great thing to have different opinions and sides to things, as this has helped in the evolution of human beings. From religions to theories, without the ideas of different people, we wouldn’t be at this stage of humanity.

However, despite all the benefits of communication and socialization, it can get overwhelming sometimes. With all those contradicting statements, it’s difficult to fully decide which of those we agree and disagree to. Sometimes, during those times, we just want to be alone.

With being alone, it doesn’t mean that we are lonely. We have people who can provide us with all kinds of company. Sometimes, all we need is the peace to focus on ourselves and not having to worry about what others think about anything. To be able to be truly free without having the rest of the world weighing us down. To have an escape. To be able to find our true self and embrace that. To be able to gather our thoughts and let it all out.

As amazing as that sounds, is it truly possible? No matter how much we try, can we just simply let go of all the weight we have on our shoulders?

In my opinion, I don’t think so. Everything we are facing will always somehow find its way back in our minds. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t find freedom in our lives. No matter how short, even just a deep breath of fresh air, we can hold on to it to help us keep going. And when we release that breath, we come back with the motivation to reach another freeing moment.

Even if we can’t experience full freedom and everything comes rushing back afterwards, that sliver of freedom, can mean so much more in this hectic world we live in. It can be hope for better times in our lives or simply as a push to dive back in the deep waters we call life. It can help us to keep trying and to keep going through all the hardships in life. To not let the waves drown us. To keep our heads above the water.

Whatever we are going through, whether we’re going through a hard time or being filled with joy, we can always take a moment to ourselves and find peace. And hopefully, somewhere along that path, we can find the piece of freedom we all long for.

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