Cliff Girl

By Shanyiah Pair-Briggs. Shanyiah is 12, lives in the U.S.A and goes to Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School.

There once lived a girl named Monica. She loved to stand on the edge of the cliff to keep calm or she would turn into an evil beast. No one could calm her down but her.  One day she was minding her own beeswax when somebody pushed her off of the cliff, but she had wings and could fly. When Monica started to fly she flew too high and saw a cloud where people were dancing so Monica stayed up there and had fun. That’s when Monica got bored so she flew down back to the edge of the cliff. She looked and wondered what was below. That’s when Monica stopped to think and said “I can just fly down to see what’s there.” So, Monica flew down there and saw people trying to get out, but they couldn’t because they were too full. When Monica finally reached the bottom she saw a bunch of candy so she started to eat it, then an hour later she got too full to fly back up so she just stayed down there until she had digested the food. When Monica’s stomach had digested she flew back to the top and saw somebody standing there.  She asked the girl what her name was. The girl answered “Maryah.” A few months later they became best friends and they did everything together. They never missed anything and they also loved the same stuff but Maryah had to move to another state. Which made Monica very upset, so Monica started to cry because that was the only friend that she had had in twelve years, but it was over, so Monica went back to doing what she normally did and stood at the edge of the cliff.

Later Monica forgot about Maryah and had a regular life.


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