Cliffside Tale

By Marie Dimov. Marie is a student at St Francis’ College, Letchworth, UK. Please read her entry and leave your thoughts and comments below. (*Shortlisted for the 2018 prize!)

She stood there, gazing at the foggy cliffside. Her chestnut brown hair cascaded down her back like a waterfall, while her bronze eyes glistened in the shadows. Her cheeks were as red as roses and they had small brown freckles layered upon them. She wore a snowy-white shirt, with dark blue jeans; her mind was contemplating whether to go and explore the Forbidden Forest below her or go back ‘home’. She had no home and she was craving adventure. The girl began to slowly climb down the rocky cliff, but her left foot missed a rock and instantly, she shot downwards, into the darkness.

“Lexi! Lexi!” her eyes opened suddenly. She was enveloped by mist. She could just about make out the shapes of trees and … a person! “Hello? Who’s there?” Lexi called out. Silence. Nobody replied. Then it struck her, “What have I done? No-one will ever find me down here! I’m so foolish.” She began to panic and her heart started fluttering like a hummingbird’s wings. Lexi stood up, brushed the leaves off herself and she began to walk further into the forest, hoping to find anybody who could help her.

After hours of hopeless searching, Lexi found an abandoned cottage. She sat down inside, took her diary out and wrote, “Dear Diary, today has been an absolute nightmare of a Thursday. First, I got suspended from school, because I was drawing on my desk, and they said that was vandalism, but I don’t agree. Then, I came out to the cliff to get a breath of fresh air and this strange feeling encapsulated me. I felt like I had to explore; I had to have an adventure. I don’t know why though. And lastly, I am alone, in an abandoned cottage, in a dark forest, just below a cliff, where nobody will find me! The only safe place that I had found in this forest so far is the small dilapidated cottage that I am currently inside. I am petrified, I am all alone with no money, food, protection or Wi-Fi! I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to live here, like this, for the rest of my life! I must go now dear diary, as I need to find food, eat lunch, and sleep. I shall write very soon.”

Lexi then stood up and slowly walked outside. “Howl!!!!!” She leapt with fright when she heard this sound. “Who’s there? Go away please!” Lexi wanted to find somebody else in the forest but a human, not a wolf! She immediately saw it. Its raven black fur shone amongst the emerald trees. Two lagoon-blue eyes stared at her, mesmerising her slowly. It had two very sharp teeth showing, with a crimson substance dripping down them. The whispering winds warned of danger. The terrible beast stepped forward. It stared at her closely, almost examining her. In a flash, he pounced towards her and opened his large jaws widely…

18 comments on “Cliffside Tale

  1. Simona Georgian on

    Great story about young people’s bravery, Independence, free spirit, self assurance and adventurous nature. Amazing vocabulary and use of adjectives. Well done and good luck!

  2. Tsvyatko Tsvetkov on

    Well done Marie. An impressive and beautifully described story. Amazing vocabulary and useing of adjectives. You are a talent. Good luck in the competition.

  3. Живко on

    Браво Мими, много хубава история! Пожелавам ти да пишеш и постигаш все по-големи и хубави неща!!!

  4. Georgina Reynolds on

    This is an incredible story. I could never have written something like this when I was your age. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story.


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