Condition of poor animals

By Manya Agarwal. Manya is a student at Gayatri Public School in Agra, India. Please read her entry and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Today, we all are running beside our future to make it effective but we have forgotten the present part of our life in which wildlife also exists with us.

Today we have every source of comfort and that becomes possible only because of god’s created brain which we have much as compare to other creatures.

But we are using our “brain” only for our welfare or can even say we are now selfish. We are poaching animals; we are killing other creatures with cruelty to which animals are suffering.

Animals are suffering from past when men were not civilized. At that time when man had no source of clothing, man became hunter for the warm skin of animals but now we have all comforts than also looking for animals. Overall, animals suffer by human.

Now we have many zoos which must be constructed for our entertainment but ever we thought how animals feel by living in those cages?

They must be feeling like criminals who live behind the bars and their crime is they are animals whom god does not give brain. They live in cage in which they could not enjoy their freedom. They left their home place for our welfare. But then also we are not satisfied as usually every visitor used to throw pebbles on them which are the sweet gift for those animals.

“We are snatching animal’s birth place (forest) to build our home.”

How disgusting it is! This same message is even conveyed in the picture. As elephants usually live in herds but due to human greediness, every family member was distributed. The elephants in the picture are walking in the dry field not in their home that’s obviously their forest.

Elephants are hunted for their ivory, tusk and for much more. Even though, poaching is banned but poachers are not hunted. They are hunting animals ruthlessly only for their benefit. Every day, they make a baby elephant an orphan which then becomes the next hunt for bigger animals like tiger.

Elephants are the biggest land animal but how longer no one knows.

But if this same pattern will be continued then surely biggest land animal will be in extinct animals list and like this we have degradation in our environment which soon broke the food chain and ultimately we will die one day.

But what’s the benefit of saying this as everybody knows the present scenario but no one believes.

So, if today’s generation join their hands and promise that they will protect their environment from such punishable acts like poaching then we can lead a better life. For protection, we should build up wildlife national parks not the zoos in which they can roam happily.

Always remember,

“Biosphere is with animals not without animals”

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