By Caoimhe Hughes and Rebecca Neary. Caoimhe, 12, and Rebecca, 13, are school friends who both attend the Sandford Park School, in Dublin, Ireland. Please read their article and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Hi! My name is Sam, and I am an animal rescuer. I have been studying elephants for the past year in Thailand, learning about the ways they communicate, survive etc. Last week was my most exciting encounter yet! This is my story.

It all started on a hot summer’s morning. I was on track to finding one of the biggest elephant herds yet. I had been tracking them for months searching for their footprints and following their tracks when I finally found them.

They were in the deepest part of the jungle. I watched them in awe as they tore away the branches and stomped through the jungle, when all of a sudden … BANG. A gun had been shot.

All the elephants jumped up with terror as they heard the gun shot. I immediately ducked behind a bush trying to avoid the gun shots while all the elephants were stampeding up the hill.

Just then I saw her, a little baby elephant had been shot. I swiftly ran over to her. She was lying on her side. Heartbroken, I took out my medical kit from my bag. I knew that she was in pain. I grabbed my bandages from the kit not even caring what the consequences might be.

All of a sudden, I heard a loud noise it sounded like thunder. It was the baby elephant’s mother charging straight for me, she was coming to attack whoever injured her calf. My heart started beating fast, but I stood my ground even though I was petrified. She was massive up close. As I was bandaging the little elephant the mother was getting more furious and about to attack me but eventually she realised that I was helping her calf.

The baby elephant was so severely hurt that she could barely move her hooves to get to her feet. I felt sorry for the pain the calf was going through I helped to ease her pain as much as I could. Her mother picked her up with her big trunk and bowed her head to thank me. I immediately understood what she meant. The mother ran off with her calf happily. I felt great for what I had done.

I despised the hunters who were tracking the elephants to try kill them for their tusks. Luckily my studies paid off which helped me to save the baby elephant. This is my story.

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  1. Jonah on

    WOW! What an amazing story. Very well written and good use of the english language. My favourite part was when Sam saved the calf even though the mother didn’t want him/her to touch her calf but he/she did anyway and the mother walked away happily with her calf.


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