By Aoibh O’Brien. Aoibh, 13, is a student at Sandford Park School in Dublin, Ireland. Please read her entry and leave your thoughts and comments below.

As per usual the elephant family were living their everyday life. There was the mother elephant who was named Lily, the father elephant who was named Marcus and the little girl elephant named Elodie. One day as they were drinking water from the river they heard an unusual rustle in the bushes.

While Marcus protected Elodie, Lily quietly made her way over to the bush to see what was hiding. Suddenly, a human figure leaped out of the bush and stabbed Lily with a sharp, pointed spear. She let out an elephant scream. Marcus and Elodie rushed towards the human, but he got away. They sadly came back to the distressed, dying Lily on the floor. They said their sad, solemn goodbyes, then tried to find safety somewhere else in the jungle.

They travelled for a miserable three days, having to carry the weight on their shoulders at the fact of Lily’s death. As they made their way through the jungle with limited resources, using berries for food and reaching a river once every two days. They eventually got to the other side of the jungle where they met with their other elephant friends.

They settled in nicely, meeting all the new elephants and finding food, water and a place to sleep. When they thought they were safe, on the second night, when all of the elephants were sleeping, the human who was named Toby arrived again. He was said to be an elephant hunter who desires the horns and skins of elephants for his award-winning museum. He had done his research, he knew that this side of the jungle was full of elephants, he was prepared, he had brought backup.

Just as they were about to attack, another human was heard. “STOP!” she said, “Wait a moment”.

Toby and his team looked confused, when out came the human, who is the hero of this story.

“What did they ever do to you?” she said “How would you like to be cut apart and put up on display to the world? These elephants have feelings and families, do not take that away from them.”

Toby looked at her in awe. “You’re right” he said, “When you put it like that, I have been doing this wrong … EVERYONE STOP!” he shouted.

The next morning the elephants woke up with no worries, not knowing of any of the occurrences of the previous night.

This may seem like a happy ending, as you might be thinking “Toby is not attacking the elephants anymore.”

But not everyone in this world is like Toby. Some people are ruthless and hunt animals to put them on display. Therefore, the elephants are still not safe…

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